Studio Policies


Private Lesson are due at the first lesson of each month. You will receive an invoice each month. You have the option of paying electronically via Wave auto-payments, or you can send cash or a check to your lessons.  Students who enroll in auto-payments will receive a small discount to their monthly tuition.


Lessons are scheduled at a mutually agreed upon time. In order to receive a make-up lesson when a lesson is cancelled, please provide 24 hours notice of the cancellation. Lesson cancelled with less than 24 hours are not entitled to a make-up lesson, but MAY be made up at my discretion (depending on the circumstances of the cancellation). Make-up lessons will be scheduled at a mutually agreed upon time. 

If I cancel lesson for any reason, they will be made up at a mutually agreed upon time. 

Lesson Averaging 

Each month’s tuition purchases 4 lessons. Lessons are averaged across the months. This means that while students will receive an average of 4 lessons per month, not every month will necessarily have 4 lessons. If a month has less than 4 lessons, the “missed” lessons will be made up at a later time (or may be made up preemptively). If a month has more than 4 lessons, any extra lessons will be credited as make ups for missed lessons from the past/future. For example: if October has 5 lessons and November has 3, the 5th lesson from October will be used to fill in the 4th (missed) lesson from November. 

Group/Concert Attendance 

Attendance at group events and concerts should not be viewed as optional. While there will always be circumstances which prevent attendance at various events, students should make every possible attempt to be at all group events and concerts hosted by my studio. Having low or inconsistent attendance at group events prevents all students (those attending and not attending) from getting the best experience. Also, group events are difficult to plan when attendance is inconsistent. I know everyone is busy and that at times I ask a lot of your time, but please do your best to attend whenever possible. 

Attendance at group events/concerts hosted by other studios is highly encouraged as well. The opportunity to play with students from all over Houston and be led by other teachers is a great things and should be taken advantage of whenever possible.